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Nas Songs That Sound Like Christmas Music

Nas loves Christmas. I would bet anyone all of the chocolate in an advent calendar that he’s one trip to Rockefeller Center away from recording a Christmas album. (I’d call it St. Nas). Exhibit A: He already has an album called God’s Son, so obviously the general context has been on his mind since at least 2002. Exhibit B: His albums almost invariably feature at least one song produced with sleigh bells and/or tambourines, which is really more an effect than a cause of Exhibit C: His music is, at heart, interested in nostalgia, which gives each of his songs a magical little tingle and makes them sound like they were mulled with spices. If you want to start the Christmas season “early” (though personally, I consider any festivity past July 25 fair game) without anyone knowing, may I suggest:

Can’t Forget About You


A Queens Story

Not Going Back

Doo Rags

What Goes Around


I Can, which, though not seemingly Christmasy, samples Fur Elise, which is also featured on Vince Guaraldi’s Holiday Classic: Charlie Brown’s Christmas.



For the love of Silver Bells

I’ve been testing the patience of my apparently very patient fiance, who is a NCF (Non-ChristmasFreak), by playing Stevie Wonder’s Christmas album on repeat for the past few days. The entire album is basically a musical version of stuffing as many marshmallows as possible into a mug of hot cocoa, though in my humble opinion, the best song is Silver Bells. Can you please just go listen to it right now? It’s like a puff of warmth from the speakers. I’m listening to it as I write this, and it’s taking a lot of will power not to just fill this entire post with HAPPY WARM FUZZ FUZZ FUZZ. Oh, and as an added plus, it’s one of the more “secular” Christmas songs, omitting all the Jesus/manger stuff, which makes it a lot more palatable to NCFs. Dare them not to like it!

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