Christmas Freaks unite

by Christmas Freak

Welcome fellow Christmas Freak,

ImageI have learned that it is not socially acceptable to constantly display my extreme love for Christmas while interacting with other adults, and have thus been suppressing my cheer, indulging it for only four measly weeks a year, at which point it has accumulated for so long without relief that it bursts from me in the most dense and flamboyant tribute of affection that it alienates my friends, family, neighbors, pets, mailman, pharmacist, grocery clerk, primary care physician, etc, etc.

I’m creating this blog as an outlet for my Christmas obsession. I hope to post as much as I can, and with shameless sincerity, about treacle and tinsel and carols and trees, and all of the decorated storefronts and christmas day movies that make me want to put on an elf costume and and run down the snowy streets, throwing iced cookies and sugar plums into the air, and howling the entirety of Mariah’s “Merry Christmas” album until my voice grows hoarse . . .

Err–right, so welcome.